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Transcription Analyst

United States

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Date posted
Aug 2,2019

Role Type


Job Description:

A good transcriber should have the suitable skills and a complete control over both the source language and target language, understand all the fine details of a language and should know on how to perform careful, meticulous and accurate work without any spelling mistakes or typing errors. Good translating skills are mandatory in case if the assignment requires this ability.


  • Transcribe audio files and ensure that the final transcript meets the quality standards
  • Translate where necessary
  • Ensure timely delivery with consistent outputs


  • Language skills
    • Fluent in written & spoken English
    • Strong comprehending skills
    • Ability to follow steps provided in English
  • Market skills
    • Knowledge of popular U.S. companies, products & culture
    • Familiarity to the US websites & their popularity
  • Personal
    • Able to work independently
    • Have a curious & investigative mind, understand and enjoy problem solving and puzzles
    • Have a laptop with Internet Explorer 10 or higher & an anti-virus software.