Gauging User Intent, Analysing Sentiments, Understanding the Internet

Better Comprehension for Better Intelligence

Comprehend/NLP Services at KarmaHub

At KarmaHub we focus on training machine learning models with high volumes of human annotated data to focus on relevance of search through natural language processing and understanding sentiments to help you deliver engaging user experiences. The Karma Crowd helps your training data understand diverse data types-including text, images and videos in different forms to help machines think like how humans do.

Superlative Intent Annotation services with high quality of semantic annotation, along with linguistic versatility and lexicon development for the machines to comprehend user intent for enhancing user experiences and engagements

Showcase the relevant internet webpages in the context of the user's search expectations directly related to the markets, demographics and behaviors keeping in view the devices and systems being used

Accurate and resilient sentiment analysis services to put online or offline surveys, blogs, social media chatter, company feedback forums and inputs collected as part of marketing drives into a perspective for stronger Natural Language Processing models